AS Motor Mulch AS420/470

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AS Motor’s mulching mowers provide excellent mulching results even in the most demanding conditions. Achieve outstanding results from effective mowing with AS Motor mulch mowers that cut and chop the grass while pushing it into the ground as fertilizer.

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Using our drop down menu select the version of the AS Motor Mulching mower that will best suit you:

1) AS 420 4T – Briggs & Stratton 575 EX 3hp with engine brake and hand propelled.

2) AS 470 4T  – Briggs & Stratton 800E 4.1hp with engine brake and hand propelled.


Engine – As listed above

Starting method – Pull cord

Fuel – Petrol

Cutting width – 420 – 42cm/470 – 47cm

Working width – 420 – 46cm/470 – 51cm

Cutting height – 40mm – 90mm

Height adjustment – 5 positions

*Hand-arm vibration and weight specifications available contact us to find out more.

*this image shown may differ from the actual product although we try our best to match up the pictures*