AS Motor Ride-on AS920


AS Motor has developed a range of ride-on brushcutters that are designed for professionals, these machines are designed for high daily use. Built with an extremely strong chassis to withstand constant use, with a variety of specs you can choose the right one for all your different scenarios.


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The AS920 Sherpa 2 wheel drive models can be used on moderate slopes thanks to their low centre of gravity and differential lock, and  both will give you the best results you could expect. For machines working on steep slopes, we would recommend the AS940 Sherpa which comes as standard with 4 wheel drive. All the Sherpa’s feature fuel and oil pumps which will keep the engine running with no issues in circumstances that could otherwise deprive the engine.

AS Sherpa 2 wheel drive models – For mowing long grass and scrub. These machines are the perfect answer with powerful Briggs & Stratton engines to give the machines plenty of power plus differential lock give the operator more traction for undulating terrain.

Using our drop down menu select the version of the AS Motor Ride-on Mower that will best suit you:

AS 920 Sherpa – Briggs & Stratton 2 cylinder professional series  27hp with oil and fuel pumps. Variable hydrostatic transmission and 2WD.



Engine – As listed above

Starting method – Electric start

Cutting width – 90cm

Cutting height – 50mm-105mm (5 positions)

Height adjustment – Centralised

Weight (Kg) – AS920 – 280