Etesia Pro Mulcher Biocut 53 ME53C


The powerful, high-performance Etesia Biocut 53 ensures a quick, clean, environmentally-friendly cut. The mulching cover can be removed to convert the biocut53 into a direct rear ejection mower, which is highly efficient in tall and wet grass.

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Etesia’s cutting deck design with the new profiled BIOCUTĀ® blade lifts the grass before it is cut. The clippings are retained in the cutting deck and recut several times before being ejected as fine particles onto the turf where they will decompose naturally.


Engine – Kohler Courage XT-8 5.2hp

Starting method – Pull cord

Drive – Self propelled 3 speed – 2.9, 3.4, 4.6km/h

Cutting width – 53cm

Cutting height – 25mm-88mm/infinite position

Height adjustment – Centralised

Chassis – Aluminium

Grassbox capacity – N/A

Weight (Kg) – 43