Etesia Donky Battery Wheelbarrow


The new Etesia Donky electric wheelbarrow makes site work a lot easier. No more relying on the strength of your arms alone for moving heavy loads. No more noise, polluting fumes and the need to buy fuel for motorised wheelbarrows

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The Donky is not just comfortable, environmentally friendly and silent, it is also a true tool carrier; which also incorporates a built in tank ideal for watering plants etc. It will also help you in a large variety of jobs throughout the year.

The powerful 1700 W motor with electronic advance management and 2 agricultural profile driving wheels give it extra traction on difficult terrain.
Its power life varies between a day or two of work, depending on the conditions.

The Etesia Donky electric wheebarrow can be used in many areas including building and landscaping sites, breeding farms, transport activities, green space maintenance, vegetable farming, plant nurseries etc.


Motor – Electric 1700W

Operating Time – 1 to 2 working days

Speed – 2 Speed. Forward 0 to 6 km/h – Reverse 0 to 3 km/h.

Brake – Dynamic brake + parking brake.

Weight – 170kg

Maximum load – 250kg

Tank Capacity – 85L (with 1” valve incorporated)

Extended sides not included.