AS Motor 63

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The AS 63 is AS Motors most compact walk behind brushcutter, As motor pride themselves on creating the best machines for the job. A strong chassis capable of handling rough steep terrain. A enclosed transmissions offers protection and durability to keep you going as well as being maintenance free.

The cross blade system gives you excellent results, its draws the material into the blades where the cross blade system mulches it. This system is safer as material doesn’t fly around it is all left in a trail between the rear wheels for easy collecting. Belt driven blades protects the engine in the event the blades hit a hidden object.

A quick and easy folding chassis for storage, pivoting and lockable front wheels for manoeuvrability and anti-vibration mounts gives the operator the best easy of use and comfort of a machine.

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Using our drop down menu select the version of the AS 63 Brushcutter that will best suit you:

1) AS 63 4T – 5hp/190cc Briggs & Stratton 4 Stroke 850 Series, self propelled variable speed 1.8-3.8km/h, Lighter and quieter but limited in working angle.

2) AS 63 2T – 6.1hp/165cc AS Motor 2 Stroke with Easy start, self propelled variable speed, 2-4km/h, Slightly heavier and more noisy but a lot more powerful and with much more torque. Being 2 Stroke it can run at any angle on any slope for long periods of time with no problems, the extra torque allows this machine to keep going in heavier growth giving you best results.


EngineAs listed above

Starting method – Pull cord

Fuel – Petrol

Cutting width – 61cm

Cutting height – 50mm – 100mm Infinite positions front, 4 steps on rear

Height adjustment Front and rear

Weight (Kg)AS63 4T – 71 / AS63 2T – 74

*AS 63 2T pictured