Stiga Park 125cm Combi PRO EL QF Cutterdeck


The Stiga 125cm Combi PRO EL Quick Flip is a 3 blade cutting deck with mulching or rear discharging capabilities, 3 blades gives you a better quality of cut and the electronic cutting height adjustment allows you to alter the height on the move.

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The Stiga 125 Combi Pro EL QF deck features swivel wheel bearings to allow the front wheels to turn in the direction your steering which allows for faster, smoother and easier maneuverability.

The largest cutting deck in the Park Range the 125 is a professional deck designed for everyday tough use for large areas.

This deck is fitted with a QUICK-FLIP design for ease of cleaning & maintenance

Cutting Height – 25mm – 90mm
Cutting Height Adjustment – Electronic
Number of Blades – 3
Weight (Kg) – 68

*Please make sure this cutting deck is suitable for your machine as not all cutting decks can fit all models of machine*