Eliet Neo 2 Electric Shredder

£743.00 £690.00

The Eliet Neo is the World’s first shredder with a viewing chamber. It has easy maintenance with easy access to blades and a compact design where the machine can fold up in no time at all.

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The Neo 2’s feed-in opening to ensures least resistance when introducing materials and its large Capacity provides possible air flow around the engine for maximum cooling.

Fitted with a transparent Chipping Chamber for easy access and a fast  flow chipping chamber which is also sound absorbing reducing noise, and large wheels for easy manoeuverability .

The Neo 2 comes complete with a sliding collection bag with magnetic safety switch.



Motor – 2500W 3.5hp

Shreddable timber diameter – 30mm for Neo 1 / 35mm for Neo 2

Chopping speed (cuts/min) – 36,000

Collecting box capacity – 50L

Infeed height – 1390mm