Countax B255 4WD Cut & Collect

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Available on four-wheel drive Countax B Series models only, this revolutionary transmission design provides unbeatable heavy-duty four-wheel drive and stability with even weight distribution.

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Featuring 4TRAC technology, the B255-4WD uses Dynamic Traction Control to sense where grip is required and apply the right amount of drive to the wheels.

Refined, lightweight steering and a tight turning circle enables the B255-4WD garden tractor to manoeuvre around obstacles with ease.

This allows you much greater mowing flexibility in difficult and wet conditions. Grass and weeds on slopes can be cut where a standard two-wheel drive ride on mower might struggle.

A Countax is the only machine that cuts in the wet, most ride-on mowers rely on the air flow caused by the cutting blades to throw lawn clippings into the grass catcher. This can easily clog when the grass is wet, requiring regular unblocking and a poor lawn finish. The Countax works differently the blades of the cutting deck are contra-rotating which throws the clippings out the back of the deck.

A powered grass collector then uses rotating brushes to sweep up the grass into the collector, this method ensures uninterrupted collection and will not clog no matter how wet the grass. The powered collector can also be used for clearing up leaves or other garden debris such as moss and thatch after scarifying, just drive over the material with the collector engaged.

*Powered grass collector not included (see grass collector drop down menu).


Engine – 726cc Kawasaki FR730, 2 cylinder

Fuel – Petrol

Fuel tank capacity (litres) – 7

Drive – Hydrostatic with Dynamic Traction Control

Differential lock – N/A

Cutting width – 122cm/48″

Cutting height – 12mm-101mm

Height adjustment – Manual

Deck engagement – Electromagnetic

Grassbox capacity (Litres) – 300

Dashboard – Colour digital display

Length (cm) – 187

Width (cm) – 112

Height (cm) – 114

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