AS Motor Pedestrian Brushcutter AS65/AS84

From: £4,041.60

The AS65/73 walk behind Brushcutters utilise a cross blade cutting system to mulch long grass



The AS 65/73 mowers are designed to be used for long periods of time every day. The strongly built chassis with galvanized cutting deck gives the machine a lot of strength and the specially designed crank protection stops expensive damage being done to the engine in the event the blade hits a hard object in the ground.

The AS73 is fitted with vario speed. A faster blade speed to achieve a finer mulching result or a slower blade speed for higher torque – an essential advantage when mowing thick undergrowth.


Using our drop down menu select the version of the AS brushcutter that will best suit you:

1) AS 65 4T – Honda engine 6hp with blade brake and 5 forward, 1 reverse gear.

2) AS 65 2T – 2 Stroke AS Motor engine 6hp with blade brake and 5 forward, 1 reverse gear.

3) AS 84 4T B&S – Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 16hp engine with fuel and oil pumps. Blade brake and 5 forward, 1 reverse gear.


Engine – As listed above

Starting method – Pull cord

Fuel – Petrol

Cutting width – AS 65 models – 65cm/AS 84 – 86cm

Cutting height – AS 65 models – 50mm-90mm/AS 84 – 50mm-110mm both infinite positions

Height adjustment – Centralised