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Aspen Alkylate Petrol


Aspen fuel is a great alternative to regular pump fuel, it is a much cleaner product which is better for you, your machine and the environment. Normal fuel station petrol is made from over 100 ingredients of which most are toxic whereas Aspen is made from surplus gases from the refining process. The result is a fuel free of solvents, sulphur, olefins and benzene resulting in dramatically cleaner emissions, the emissions from Aspen fuel are 99% less toxic than pump fuel.


As an operator of a machine especially when hedgecutting or using a chainsaw one of the worst things is the fumes, they can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea and fatigue with Aspen because it is a much cleaner product you don't get any of the same symptoms which provides you with a more comfortable experience. This fuel is ideal for professionals who use their machines for long periods of time and often.

↑ Ash comparison for the oil in Aspen 2Stroke fuel         ↑ Residue comparison from burning Aspen (left) to pump fuel (right)


Other benefits of Aspen fuel are that because it is a much cleaner product you eliminate starting issues from dirty and stale fuel, Aspen fuel can be stored for 3-5 years before starting to go stale compared to 6 weeks at best for pump fuel. If you don't use your lawnmower or any tool for the winter months or even just not regularly then this fuel is the best solution because it can be left in the machine during this time and the machine will work just as good as it did before storage.


Aspen fuel also does not contain any particles or chemicals which will cause problems within the fuel system of the machine providing you with problem free running.

Although it costs more than pump fuel the benefits outweigh the cost, no starting issues and no problems with stale fuel will drive down maintenance costs. Cleaner emissions for your health stops anyone using the machines feeling unwell on the job and reduces sick time. Pre-mixed 2 stroke fuel stops operators mixing at the wrong ratio so the machine has a longer working life and with practically zero ash there is no carbon build up inside the engine.

Available in two variations:

4T (Blue) - This is for 4 stroke machines

2T (Red) - This is for 2 stroke machines, premixed at 50:1 with biodegradable oil, the oil is cleaner that regular 2 stoke oil (see ash conversion chart above) and can be used in ALL 2 stroke AIR COOLED engines regardless of the machines mixing ratio. Great for those who don't like to mix fuel & oil with all the benefits of Aspen Alkylate petrol.


Unfortunately due to shipping safety we can only sell Aspen instore.

Aspen 2T and 4T is available in either 1L or 5L quantities.

*for those requiring larger amounts 200L barrels are available

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